flat stomach colon cleanse.It is imperative to cleanse the colon regularly to eliminate the waste and toxins stored there. These substances, harmful in the long term, accumulate due to poor diet, insufficient hydration, lack of physical activity and stress.

After the holidays, it is not uncommon to hear the term “detox”. Many of you know perfectly well how important it is to eliminate toxins from the body when trying to lose weight sustainably. This is where the intestines come into play. Indeed, it is an organ of the digestive system whose role is, in particular, to eliminate toxins from the body.

You will, therefore, understand, to lose weight, you must take care to cleanse the intestines by ridding them of all impurities. The equation is very simple because the functioning of the digestive system is far from complex:

  • Dirty intestines = weight gain and / or stagnation
  • Clean intestines = natural and lasting weight loss
flat stomach colon cleanse

The importance of flat stomach colon cleanse

The large intestine or colon is the part of the digestive system that needs to be taken care of. Indeed, the latter’s mission is to simplify the elimination of the superfluous in our body. A healthy colon eliminates toxins more easily so you only keep the things that are essential for your body. Be aware that intestines in poor condition could lead to many pathologies. Weight gain is just one example among many.

A colonist who is not properly cleaned can no longer function as it should. The primary function of this organ is the assimilation of nutrients and the purification of waste. A colonist in a bad state can no longer eliminate toxins, fats, bacteria and other elements that can disrupt your intestinal transit. Your body will, therefore, absorb unwanted elements more easily, you will have more trouble digesting and your belly will start to swell.

In addition to promoting weight loss, it should be noted that cleaning your intestines is also good for your health. Indeed, intestines, as well as a clean colon, are the pledge of an increased life expectancy. Weakened or damaged intestines will be a long-term problem for you. Your body will find it increasingly difficult to absorb the nutrients found in the food you eat.

Methods for flat stomach colon cleanse

flat stomach colon cleanse ,As part of your slimming diet, you must cleanse your bowels. This will allow you to start on a healthier basis and thus lose weight more effectively. You will feel the effects yourself afterward when your intestinal transit is working optimally. Bloating and accumulations of gas will no longer be necessary, as will the involuntary absorption of bad fat.

Be aware that there is a fairly radical method of performing a direct enema of the colon. However, there are healthier methods, which do not require medical action and which you can implement yourself. Fasting, for example, is a quick and effective solution for cleaning your bowels quickly by emptying the colon. Admittedly, it is a fairly restrictive method, but whose effects will be felt directly. Never exceed 36 hours of fasting. During this period, you may have diarrhea, which will help empty your bowels deeply. If you wish, it is recommended to perform an intermittent fast of 15 hours straight every week, to maintain your colon in perfect health. Many effective slimming diets begin with a period of youth.

flat stomach colon cleanse

The right choice of foods to cleanse the intestines

So, if fasting is not really for you and you don’t want to do a colon wash, discover these few foods that will allow you to cleanse your intestines without much effort:

Probiotic foods are preferred because they carry useful bacteria. Then, consider consuming foods rich in potassium, because they ensure the hardness of the stools and their rapid evacuation. You will find potassium in bananas, spinach, dried fruits, lentils, almonds, and nuts. Also fill up with acacia fiber as well as algae such as Spirulina, Chlorella, and others. You can consume it in the form of capsules to detoxify your intestines.

The importance of flat stomach colon cleanse, You should know that ginger, as well as chia seeds and apple pectin, are also detoxifying, in addition to being an appetite suppressant. And we no longer present cabbage, which is a highly recommended food, whether as part of a slimming diet or bowel cleansing. Know it: cabbage will be your best ally flat stomach at all times. It is also possible for you to buy vegetable charcoal in natural product stores, to promote the proper functioning of your colon.

Regarding the natural drinks to favor to cleanse the intestines – preferably in the morning – adopt green tea, which is the best in terms of detox. Also discover the benefits of hot lemon water without sugar, to be consumed on an empty stomach each morning. You will only need a few days to feel the benefits of your anatomy. Other draining drinks complete this list: apple cider vinegar, mint herbal tea, thyme herbal tea, or leek juice. Finally, if you like fruits – which are also a necessity as part of a slimming diet, adopt pears, plums, grapes, mangoes and other fruits or legumes rich in fiber.

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