Can I Get a Flat Stomach By Running or Walking

Can I Get a Flat Stomach By Running? if you are a few pounds overweight, chances are they are around your lap belt. It seems that these damned fat deposits particularly like to be called love handles… Despite this touching nickname, we must agree that we all prefer to display a beautiful flat stomach! And to achieve this, all means are good! Except it would seem that it is not so necessary as that to sweat as in the full sun.

Indeed for some time, walkers have invaded the parks and it would seem that this method is bearing fruit since they are more and more numerous! In this article, we will see if walking for 1 hour a day helps to lose weight.

Can I Get a Flat Stomach By Running or Walking

The many benefits of brisk walking.

As I told you, and you have surely noticed, more and more people are opting for brisk walking. The most obvious reason is undoubtedly the fact that it is a gentle practice.

In fact, unlike running, brisk walking does not generate any trauma. Neither at the level of the joints nor at the level of the spine since there is no impact. In the same way, when you walk you will neither get out of breath nor get agitated. Although to take advantage of all the benefits of walking you need to increase the pace a little, let’s agree that it has nothing to do with the one you take for running or even for trotting.

Thus, brisk walking adapts to everyone. Whatever your age and physical condition, you can, for example, decide to walk 1 hour a day to lose weight without any contraindications. In addition to decreasing your love handles, you will of course also benefit from the many health benefits of physical activity!

Although walking is a gentle activity, you will:

  • improve your breathing capacity,
  • prevent cardiovascular disease,
  • speed up your metabolism,
  • delay osteoporosis,
  • decrease the risk of cancer.
Can I Get a Flat Stomach By Running or Walking

Walking to lose weight is better than running!

Can I Get a Flat Stomach By Running? In addition to the health benefits of walking, what interests us during this article is also weight loss. Many people mistakenly think that walking is not effective in losing weight. Certainly, because it is a gentle activity that does not cause heavy muscle fatigue. However, this is a completely false misconception.

When you exercise, your body needs energy. It has two options: carbohydrates and fats. We all know that for physical exertion to have an impact on our weight, it must last more than 30 minutes. It is true. What is not is that our body first uses all of the carbohydrates before it attacks the lipids. Indeed, it will depend on the nature and intensity of the effort required.

Schematically, one could say that the shorter and more intense the effort, the more the body will tend to mobilize carbohydrates. On the contrary for a gentle and prolonged effort, it will prefer lipids. As such, Dr. Stéphane Cascua, author of the book “Sport to lose weight” provides some details:

This should encourage more than one to lower the pace! And you can understand why more and more people have decided to walk 1 hour a day to lose weight! If you are now thinking of joining this trend, continue reading, I explain how to target abdominal fat while walking.

Walk 1 hour a day to lose belly fat: target abdominal fat.

Can I Get a Flat Stomach By Running? I imagine that your doubts are dispelled, it’s a fact: walking to lose weight is a great idea! But to get satisfactory results, you have to set up the right routine!

The main one is said in the title. To lose weight, you have to walk at least 1 hour a day. We recommend 1 hour, but you can extend this time if you can. If you walk less than 1 hour you will enjoy many health benefits but the effects on your abdominal fat will be less.

And then, another factor to take into account for your routine: speed. In general when you walk without hurrying you reach a maximum speed of 3 km / h. The figures that I am going to give you are to be taken with tweezers because it depends on each one. But as an indication:

  • 5 km / h = 280 kcal.
  • 6 km / h = 300 kcal.
  • 7 km / h = 360 kcal.

Finally, if you want to walk 1 hour a day to lose weight, you can also adapt your technique. Like the great athletes of brisk walking, do not hesitate to waddle your hips! You will thus target the effort on the part of the body that interests you.

Of course, don’t forget to breathe and if possible with your stomach. Contrary to popular belief, fat is not just eliminated with liquids! It also evaporates in the form of CO2 thanks to respiration!

5 tips to make walking 1 hour a day effective in losing your stomach!

If you stick to your schedule, after a month you should see the first results. And if you keep going then you can proudly say that walking 1 hour a day to lose stomach, it works. To help you put the odds in your favor, here are some tips.

# 1. Treat yourself to a pedometer.

Even if you are going to measure your regularity by respecting the sessions that you have set for yourself, a pedometer can help you stay motivated! It is estimated that 6000 steps daily help to keep in shape and that 10,000 help lose weight. You will see that you will easily reach them and even exceed them!

# 2. Remember to hydrate yourself!

As you know, good hydration helps to eliminate toxins and fats. Take a bottle of water with you and take a few sips as needed. Apart from your exercises, I recommend that you try lavender tea! In addition to being delicious, it helps to lose weight and rebalances the nervous system.

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# 3. Walk to lose weight and watch your diet.

If your steps take you to the bakery, as far away from home as it is, you risk compromising your weight loss! Without subjecting yourself to a drastic diet and fasting for 3 days to lose weight, watch what you eat! Choose healthy foods without fat and avoid those that are sweet and salty.

# 4. Ballast yourself!

Can I Get a Flat Stomach By Running? After a month, you should notice two things. Already that walking for 1 hour to lose belly fat works. And then, you will have the impression that an hour is no longer enough. If your schedule allows, you can extend your session. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to ballast! You can buy weights that hang on the ankles at any sports store. You can also make them with socks and rice!

# 5. End your walk with a few abs.

Finally, the last tip: if you want to put the odds on your side to find a flat stomach, then I recommend that you finish with a few abs. This will allow you to refine your silhouette by sculpting it more precisely. Try to do 50 varied abs. Work the abs from the bottom, from the top and don’t forget those from the sides!