best Flat stomach healthy breakfast recipe

Flat stomach healthy breakfast recipe, To not gain weight with breakfast, to get all the energy necessary for the day, and to refine our size, we must add fruit, fiber, and protein.

Is it possible to burn fat from breakfast for a flat stomach?

Obviously, and you only need to respect certain adapted eating rules, coupled with a few healthy lifestyle habits.

Losing a stomach is possible, so get started now with three delicious breakfast options!

The rules of breakfast for a flat stomach

Flat stomach healthy breakfast recipe

One of the most sensitive areas of our body is without a doubt our belly.

It is often inflated, with this rounded shape that we dislike so much when it comes to wearing close-fitting clothes. Can this be corrected? Of course!

Physical exercise is always a great help, for sure, but it is especially necessary to pay attention to our diet.

We have to eat well and get the vitamins and minerals essential for the normal functioning of our body, without consuming too many bad fats.

To do this, you must follow the following few rules:

Never skip breakfast

Many people think that to lose weight and get a flat stomach, it is better to skip breakfast. It’s wrong.

It is a very serious mistake that can affect health, as you will leave home without any nutrients and you will be exposed to dizziness, fainting, and headaches.

You will not have the energy to start your day. Your metabolism will be very slow and will store fat instead of burning it.

Fat-burning breakfasts 

Fat-burning breakfasts should include purifying juice, fruit, protein, and whole grains.

What we want is to start our metabolism, to force it to work with the most appropriate ingredients. Thanks to them, you will no longer be hungry and you will no longer snack during the morning.

Recommended calories

Nutritionists recommend that we ideally consume an average of 350 calories per breakfast, which is a good thing.

But, you have to take into account another factor. Do not have breakfast right away when you get up. First drink your purifying juice, then wait 30 to 40 minutes before eating anything.

Take advantage of this moment to take a shower and get ready. We know it requires getting up earlier in the morning. But the game is worth the candle!

3 breakfasts to burn abdominal fat

Breakfast for a flat stomach # 1

best Flat stomach healthy breakfast recipe
  • A lemon juice diluted in a glass of water upon waking
  • 40 minutes later, a green apple
  • A bowl of oats with some grapes
  • Green tea

As you already know, the idea is to start the day with a glass of lukewarm water containing lemon juice.

It is the perfect drink to purify the body, which also provides a good dose of antioxidants.

Then you can eat a green apple, which will allow you to lower blood sugar levels and burn fat.

It is perfect for melting your unsightly little belly. Oats and green tea are perfect elements to include in any slimming diet.

Breakfast for a flat stomach # 2

best Flat stomach healthy breakfast recipe
  • An infusion of cayenne pepper with honey
  • 40 minutes later, a wholemeal sandwich with a hard-boiled egg cut into thin slices, cooked ham, and avocado.
  • Grapefruit juice

The Cayenne pepper infusion may surprise you. But, its association with honey is the best way to speed up your body and make it work to burn fat.

It is very effective and highly recommended. The whole grain sandwich will bring you whole grains, which are one of the essential ingredients of any slimming diet.

With the extra egg, you will benefit from proteins and a feeling of satiety which will complete this excellent breakfast.

A study published in the journal Nutrition Research tells us that people who eat eggs for breakfast tend to snack less between meals, and can strictly follow a slimming diet.

Finally, finishing the breakfast with a grapefruit juice is also ideal. It will provide you with vitamins and help you burn fat.

Breakfast for a flat stomach # 3

best Flat stomach healthy breakfast recipe
  • A purifying drink made from strawberries
  • 40 minutes later, Greek yogurt with oat flakes
  • A whole toast of oats with a few drops of olive oil

Did you know that a strawberry drink is a great way to lose weight?

This natural source of antioxidants acts as a great depurative, like a perfect medicinal drink to allow you to eliminate all harmful things from your body.

Put 5 strawberries in a blender, and add a glass of water. You can also make a decoction, with the same proportions, in a saucepan over low heat. Do not add sugar, and consume this lukewarm drink.  

Continue with Greek yogurt, which is an ideal item for losing weight.  It is very rich in probiotics, brings a great feeling of satiety, and has less lactose and calories than conventional yogurt.

Finish with a small toast and a few drops of olive oil to make your breakfast perfect.

This will provide you with nutrients, purify your body and allow you to activate your metabolism to burn fat in your belly.

In conclusion, never skip your breakfast, start with a purifying drink and include, if you wish, a little aloe vera dissolved in a glass of water.

Remember to include fruit, fiber, and a little protein. You will feel much better!