tips for lose the weight

5 best tips for lose the weight, Is the scale already gaining a few extra pounds? There is still time to adopt a better lifestyle during this confinement.

1. Reduce caloric intake

During confinement, we must restore our energy balance: our physical activities being considerably reduced, caloric intake must also be reduced, otherwise, it is guaranteed weight gain.

How to eat fewer calories without calculation?

1. Maintain three meals a day but eliminate intermediate snacks

2. Reduce the number of carbohydrates (starchy foods and cereals) usually consumed

3. Eat a large portion of vegetables during meals

4. Limit ultra-processed foods rich in sugars and fats (to avoid being tempted, just do not buy them) as well as sugary drinks including fruit juices

5. End the meal with a sweet touch (fruit, dark chocolate, yogurt) to promote the feeling of satiety

 tips for lose the weight

What should my plate look like at the main meals?

tips for lose the weight , The caloric intake differs according to the people but the composition of the plate must resemble the following (the plate of the Canadian guide opposite is a good example):

½ fruit and vegetables 

1/4 complete or semi-complete starchy foods or pulses 

1/4 animal products or pulses

Pulses can also replace animal products because they are rich in protein.

2. Target quality food

The quantity of calories is not the only one of importance for not gaining weight: it is also necessary to take care of the quality of its food.

The first step is obviously to choose raw products and cook them (that’s good, we have time). Among the raw or little processed products, we can still make a second sorting. For fruits and vegetables (especially pulses), they should be preferred fresh and avoid preserves. About starchy foods and cereals, it is to their form that we must be attentive: to avoid excessively high glycemic indexes, we must prefer complete or semi-complete forms. Wholemeal sourdough and seed bread will be much preferable to white baguette and also it will keep longer, which will avoid going to buy every day.

Following the principles of the new GI diet, paying attention to the carbohydrate and calorie intake will be the best you can do so as not to panic your balance at the end of confinement.

tips for lose the weight. Here are the best food choices among raw or minimally processed products 

I avoid   I replace with
White wheat flour (bread and dough) Whole or semi-complete wheat

flour Buckwheat flour, chestnut, rye, chickpeas, spelled ...
Potato  Sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnip
Quick cooking rice   Whole rice, red rice, basmati rice, wild rice, kamut, bulgur, quinoa
Canned pulses 
Sweet products, milk chocolate, industrial jam, white sugar Dark chocolate, low sugar homemade jam, honey, whole sugar, fruits, dried fruits, oleaginous fruits
Cow milk Goat milk, vegetable milks
Industrial yogurt and cheese
Goat's or sheep's yogurt or plain vegetable yogurt

Goat or sheep farm cheese and yogurt

Butter and excess cream Virgin vegetable oil, oilseed puree
Sunflower oil, corn, grape seeds Rapeseed oil, olive, coconut
Classic meat Meat from small farms respectful of animal welfare and the environment
Fish Small fish (mackerel, sardines, herring, etc.), crustaceans and molluscs associated with a label guaranteeing sustainable fishing
Egg  Egg of hens raised in the open air and fed with flax seeds
Table saltSalt enriched with potassium,gomasio
Excess pepper Garlic, onion, shallot, parsley, basil, thyme
Curry, mustard, chili, harissa  Turmeric, ginger, saffron, cinnamon, mint, coriander…
Excess tea and coffeeHerbal teas
Sodas, fruit juice and alcohol Kefir, kombucha, sparkling water, water

3. Outsmart the munchies trap

tips for lose the weight.Staying home without doing anything makes you hungry, it’s well known. The risk is to satisfy every little hollow that we feel while this feeling of hunger is only the result of boredom.

“Eating mindfully” teaches us that we take for hunger, desires or shortages that we could meet in another way. Confinement can, therefore, be a privileged period to better understand how we work and put in place strategies to avoid cravings.

If you still want to eat when you are hungry, choose unsalted nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.

Containment may require reorganization of meals. If hunger was felt late at night when working outside (around 8 p.m. for example), during confinement it can occur a little earlier (around 6:30 p.m.) or at least at different times. The board? Eat a real meal when you are (really) hungry even if it is not at the usual hours, this will avoid unnecessary useless snacks (often fatty and sweet)! But beware, you will have to keep a regular rhythm every day.

4. Keep moving

It is by moving that we burn calories. But sports also help keep morale, quality sleep, and good physical condition.

To maintain a correct level of physical activity, it is advisable to integrate into your day at least two sports routines, preferably at fixed times to better respect them.

Examples of short sessions 

  • The 15-minute HITT routine
  • Short jogging allowed around the house

Examples of long sessions 

  • The 45-minute cross-training session
  • Stretching and yoga to relax

Also, there is no shortage of open access sports lessons online: apps, video, program, etc.

For more information, read: A bodybuilding session for the whole body (Subscriber)

During this period, you may be tempted to spend more time in front of the television, but you must be able to grasp all the good reasons for moving: tinkering, sorting, gardening, cleaning, storing, etc.

5. Practice intermittent fasting

tips for lose the weight.Intermittent fasting has multiple virtues that are no longer to be proven. But this practice is particularly interesting in periods of confinement. By strategically reducing caloric intake, intermittent fasting allows the body not to be overloaded with digestion, especially during the night fast.

Taken collectively, studies indicate that intermittent fasting can decrease body fat and waist circumference within a few weeks. Researchers believe that intermittent fasting helps you lose weight, either because you reduce energy consumption since there are fewer eating opportunities, or because you lower insulin (a hormone that promotes fat storage), or because we restore a circadian rhythm favorable to weight loss.

Several patterns of intermittent fasting exist. Depending on your level of experience, your eating habits and your goals, choose from the best forms of intermittent fasting :

  • 5: 2
  • Alternating fasting every other day
  • The restricted feeding period

The idea is obviously to eat a balanced diet the rest of the time, following advice no. 1 given above.